Why Discount Body Shop?

Discount Body Shop is the result of more than 25 years of combined experience in the auto repair and collision industry. We pulled together all our resources, knowledge and expertise to offer a new alternative to the tortuous process of having a car repaired at a body shop. Our goal is to focus more on the owner than the insurance company. We all know how hard, painful and slow the process of filing a claim with the insurance can be, at Discount Body Shop, we are able to offer deductible assistance and deductible discounts because we know and understand how the vehicle owners and policy holders feel after a car wreck. 

By keeping a midsize operation, we can pay attention to the owners needs by offering them an opportunity to actually see the damage and work with our techs in person to discuss the details of the accident and their expectations about the repair. 

For example, if the Insurance adjuster quoted a spot fix on a plastic bumper, usually, they will not pay for other small nicks and scuffs on the other side; to us, that doesn't matter, we will paint and clear coat the entire bumper, taking care of other small scuffs and nicks without charging the customer for it. Small things can make a big difference.

Our quotes are simple and honest, if we can help you, we will. Our technicians will be sure to give you the best deal without sacrificing quality, structural integrity, paint match, etc. If you have a quote from other Body Shop, bring it over so we can match or better that offer.


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