Here at T.G.G.D we understand how important it is to keep your car’s paint protected.

If you’ve been searching for the most reliable and quality oriented auto detailing Austin TX has to offer, then you’ve found it here at The Good Guys Detailing. We love our vehicles so why not keep them looking their best with our professional touch. We offer, hands down, the best paint protection in the automotive industry. Our technicians take great pride in providing you with the absolute best service. We treat every customer like family. You can guarantee your car will be taken care of with our expert staff. We specialize in auto detailing, Nano Ceremic Coating installation, paint protection film and window tinting and much more. Just ask.

Adding ceramic coating or Clear Bra (PPF) to your vehicle will ensure that it is protected from the elements out on the road so you can enjoy the driving experience. After adding a ceramic coating or paint protection film to your vehicle, you will drive away knowing your car is protected from scratches, rock chips, dirt and debris and maintenance will become a breeze with our film which has a hydrophobic layer that causes dirt and grime to slide right off. Your search for top notch auto detailing ends here with us at THE GOOD GUYS DETAILING COMPANY. Come see us today or contact us and we will help you keep your car looking its best.

Mobile Detailing


Our experienced detailers will come to your home or office and remove  dirt, stains, and oxidation. Fully equipped units carry both water and electricity; all we need is your vehicle or bus or plane or boat. You continue with whatever you were doing after all it’s about convenience for you.

We serve a large range of Texas but also clients from San Francisco bay to Boston.

Starting price per location or unit $150
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Trade-in Vehicle Detail


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Full Vehicle Detail

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Paint Correction

Tired of all those scratches, swirl marks, and lost the glossy look on your car?

Is your paint feeling rough, you got sap, tar, water spots?

All this can happen after some years of driving, been exposed to the elements like sun, rain, grime, hot temperatures, trees, sprinklers.

Saving you a trip to the body shop it’s our goal here in this category, or even a new car. Getting rid of all those swirl marks made by car washes, harmful chemicals or towels can be a challenge, but with the correct tools, the right product, and understanding how pain works and reacts, we can accomplish a complete paint restoration, paying attention to details like vinyl, rubber, plastic, chrome, wheels, tires, door jambs, glass, fiber glass, carbon fiber and more.

Paintwork deep cleansed and if required clayed followed by a single stage machine polish using an ultra fine gloss enhancing polish. Paintwork wiped down using Panel Wipe to ensure coatings form a perfect bond with your car’s paintwork

Recommended for new cars or cars with near perfect paintwork only.

Paintwork deep cleansed, clayed and a full set of paint thickness readings taken. A two stage machine polish using a combination of medium and ultra fine polishes. Paintwork wiped down, Panel Wipe to ensure coatings form a perfect bond with your car’s paintwork.

Generally lightly swirled paintwork mixed with one or two deeper scratches would need this treatment.  Most cars with more than 1 year, but less than 5 years old, will require this treatment to bring about a perfect finish.

Paintwork deep cleansed, clayed and a full set of paint thickness readings taken. A three stage machine polish using a combination of compound, medium and ultra fine polishes. Paintwork wiped using Panel Wipe to ensure coatings form a perfect bond with your car’s paintwork.

For high value cars with unloved paintwork. The amount of extra machine polishing required to remove deep scratches will surprise many. Please note the detailer may judge some scratches as too deep to be safely remove

After the paint is all nice and shiny it’s time to get it protected.

Technology is growing fast in many fields including detailing, bringing new ways to protect your investment inside and outside, wheels and metal exhaust, seats, convertible tops, leather, carpets, floor mats, suede headliners and seats.

We offer the best Nano and Ceramic coatings on the market, giving long protection to the paint and making it easier to clean and maintain. When a wax can last you a few weeks, our coatings can las months or years giving not only protection but amazing appearance.

Ceramic coating is only installed if paint is corrected to our standards.

Starting price for a small Coupe $500
Starting price for Sedan $600
Starting price for SUV $800
Starting price full size truck $1000



WHY COME TO US VS "The Other Cheaper Guy"?

At T.G.G.D we live and breathe paint protection. Ceramic coating is hands down the one of best paint protection innovations in the automotive industry. We are experts when it comes to installing ceramic coating. Each member of our staff takes great pride in providing you with the highest quality service and we only use the best products in the industry. With several brands to chose from, we’ve raised the bar in auto detailing and ceramic coating installation. If you love your vehicle and want to keep it’s paint protected, than ceramic coating is for you.

Our ceramic coatings use state of the art nanotechnology to add a protective coating to your vehicle’s exterior. It will protect your paint from staining, UV damage, bugs, dirt and debris and has hydrophobic properties making your car a breeze to clean. At T.G.G.D, we’ve been working with them from the start. Our technicians are experts at installing Ceramic coatings. If you’ve been searching for the best paint protection Travis County has to offer, then T.G.G.D is your answer. We offer several brands that from our entry level application to that has a lifetime warranty. If you coat the interior your wife will love you even more!!!:To learn even more about ceramic coating follow our projects on our YouTube Channel.

All coating installations must receive a paint correction or polish* prior.

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At T.G.G.D. we know how important maintaining the value of your car is to you. That’s why we are experts when it comes to paint protection that lasts. You spend a great deal of money on your car, keeping up with regular maintenance and care, so why not be proactive to guarantee your car looks its best by protecting its paint. When it comes to paint protection and detailing here in Austin, Texas we know it like the back of our hand. If you’ve been searching for the best that auto detailing has to offer, than look no further. Driving on the road, your vehicle will be exposed to the outdoor elements causing scratches, rock chips, dirt and debris sticking the exterior of your car. Adding a layer of paint protection to your vehicle can ensure your car stays looking its best and will maintain its value.

We specialize in installing nano ceramic and Clear Bra paint protection film to protect your vehicle for the long haul. All our installations come with manufacturer warranties and we personally guarantee providing you with the best quality service available in Texas. If you’ve been thinking about adding paint protection to your vehicle, now is the time. We have a solution for everyone. If you’d like to try paint protection and upgrade from traditional waxing, our ceramic sealant applications with a six-month warranty and is an excellent starter. If you want to protect your vehicle for a lifetime, our complete protection  installation is an excellent option to keep your vehicle’s paint protected for life. Our team is committed to taking care of your vehicle and want to make sure it stays looking its absolute best. We are highly experienced in paint protection and we stand behind our work. Come see us to protect your vehicle’s paint and keep it in show room like condition.

Aircraft Detail

Along the way, we have grown to support a diverse client base that represents every corner of the industry. This includes corporate aviation to rotorcraft operators and nearly everywhere in-between. Although our footprint and client base has grown exponentially, our mission remains the same as our very first day on the job: to care for your aircraft as if it were our own.

Boat Detailing


When it comes to boat detailing here in Texas, our staff are experts. Living in Texas, we are lucky enough to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and warm weather for most of the year and be close to the water. If you are lucky enough to own a boat, there is nothing better than being out on the water on a warm sunny day with friends. Unfortunately, maintenance for your boat isn’t always as enjoyable as spending time on it. Luckily for you, our mobile units staff are professionals when it comes to boat detailing. Let our friendly staff take care of all your boat detailing needs. Leaving your boat in the dock, barnacles, algae, zebras and fishing debris can attach to the bottom of your vessel making it difficult to clean. Adding Ceramic Marine to your boat will provide a layer of protection to your boat making it a breeze to clean and keeping maintenance at an all time low. When it comes to Ceramic coating, our installers are all certified experts at installing Marine  Ceramic Coating and understand the importance of paint protection for your vessel.

Marine grade coating uses nanotechnology to add a ceramic coating to your boat to keep it protected from the barnacles and sea creatures that can damage your boat. It adds a hydrophobic layer to your paint that gives it a slick finish and preserves the paint. Whether you have a fishing boat, a yacht, a jet ski or another marine vessel, adding Ceramic coating is an excellent way to preserve its value and keep it looking its best while cutting maintenance back ten fold. Marine Ceramic coating was designed specifically for protect all surfaces of your boat. Save thousands on aftercare products when you get our marine coating installed. We’ll see you out on the water.

Coating will add a glossy coat finish to your vessel that will give it added shine. Our coatings exceeds OEM standards, so your boat will look better than new after getting coated.

Our brands of Ceramic coating are the most durable paint coating available for your vessel. It will withstand the most extreme hazards from the ocean, lake or river. It will protect your boat even in the most extreme environments. If you’ve been thinking about adding durable protection to your vessel, ceramic coating is the right thing for it.

Our large number of brands of ceramic products allows us to choose what's best out on the market accordingto each case. It will protect every surface area of your boat while serving other functionalities.

All of our eramic coatings ceramic installations with a “peace of mind” warranty because we believe your experience should be just as good down the road as it is the day you came to us.

The Ceramic coating products use state of the art technology to protect your vessel from the harshest UV sun rays keeping your boat in the best condition.

Ceramic coating helps prevent algae and other plants and barnacles attaching to your vessels surface. It makes cleaning your boat a breeze and means no more acid stains on your beloved vessel.

Ceramic coating will protect your vessel from oxidation. It layers onto the surfaces of your vessel building a protective layer that keeps the exterior of your boat protected from oxidation.

Adding ceramic coating to your boat will give is a protective coating that makes bird and bug droppings, fish blood, oil and other elements from the ocean slide right off the exterior and be easily washed. After receiving the Ceramic Pro Marine package, washing your vessel will be as breezy as the ocean air.

RV & Others

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